Our team at Starboard Consultants dedicates time and effort to finding the perfect candidate for every position. This brief outline of our search process highlights our focuses and methodology.


  • Understand company culture

  • Conduct needs analysis

Develop Industry Knowledge Conduct Search

  • Contact and screen candidates

  • Profile candidates

  • Recruit qualified candidates

  • Check references

Develop Candidate Product Knowledge

  • Schedule interviews

  • Meet with candidates

    • Debrief

    • Re-qualify commitment

    • Cover counteroffer

    • Consult with significant other(s)

  • Meet with client

    • Debrief

    • Discuss candidate feedback

    • Determine next step

  • Follow up

    • Discuss with candidate and significant other(s)

  • Negotiate Offer

    • Act as mediator

    • Facilitate acceptance

    • Establish start date

  • Transition Assistance

    • Prepare candidate to resign

    • Coordinate relocation as needed

  • Maintain Relationships with Candidate and Client